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Camping at Æra: We welcome you with open arms!

"Catch your own King Crab dinner!"



Camping at Æra

Æra welcomes the summer spirit with open arms, offering the perfect spot for camper vans, RVs, and tents. Embrace the freedom of the open road and the simplicity of outdoor living in our designated areas, designed to cater to your love for adventure and the great outdoors. With facilities to accommodate your home on wheels or under the stars, we ensure a comfortable and memorable stay amidst the natural beauty of Skittenelv's summer landscape.

Practical information:

Electricity for RV: NOK 65,- per day
Tent space: NOK 330,- per day
Motorhome space: NOK 400,- per day
Washing machine: NOK 50,- per wash
Tumble drier: NOK 1,- per minute

We look forward to hosting you here in the Arctic!



Do you have free wifi?
Yes, in all our cabins!
Do you have a waiting list for booked out dates?
Yes, we do. We will contact you if we get any available cabins on your requested dates.
How do I get from Tromsø airport or the city center to Skittenelv/Æra?
If you have booked a cabin on our website, we include a free rental car during your stay. This ensures you great flexibility. You can also use public transport (bus) or taxi to us.
What is the kitchen equipped with?
In our Panorama Glass Lodge Cabins and Aurora glass cabin superior is equipped with cooking hobs while our Aurora Glass Cabin, Aurora cabin 1-bedroom and Aurora Family 2-bedrooms is equipped with a stove. All cabins have a coffee machine, kettle, fridge and all you will need to cook.