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Terms & Conditions (Summer)

The following terms apply to the reservations of Æra starting from 28.06.2023.

The terms are binding for both parties after the customer has made the payment stated in the terms of contract. The law governing these terms is Norwegian law. If any possible disagreements cannot be resolved by negotiation, they shall be resolved in the Troms District Court. Æra`s online shop sells overnight services for consumers (of at least 18 years of age), companies, and organizations.

Terms of payment and confirmation of reservation:
In the Æra online shop you can pay by using a valid credit card. When making an online shop reservation, the customer must always pay the entire price of the product by using a credit card. The price includes the products or services listed on the product card. The price can vary according to the time of reservation. The additional services that can be reserved together with the product are priced separately. Any reservation of additional services is binding.
The reservation is confirmed when the total price of the product has been paid. After the customer has paid the reservation fee, the online shop shall send the customer the reservation confirmation, the reservation information, and the terms of reservation to the e-mail address provided by the customer. If the customer does not receive the reservation confirmation, the reservation has not been registered. The customer must store the reservation confirmation for possible later use (e.g. for insurance and liability matters).
If the reservation should fail, the customer must contact the vendor as soon as possible to correct the situation. The vendor cannot guarantee that the item will still be available for reservation.

Terms of cancellation of Æra:
The cancellation must always be made in writing an e-mail to Æra, regardless of the method of reservation. All rates for Æra has to be cancelled latest 2 days before arrival as we are a small business with limited amount of cabins. General terms of contract concerning accommodation reservations Staying at the accommodation the rental fee includes the right to use the accommodation during the time period specified in the reservation and other services that may have been mentioned in the product description.

The customer shall be obliged to compensate for damages he or she has caused to the accommodation or its movable property directly to the accommodation owner. The customer shall be responsible for compensating for damages he or she has caused to the accommodation or its movable property in full. The guardians shall be responsible for damages caused by their underage children. Check your travel insurance coverage concerning damages.

General terms of contract concerning programme services:
Services and pricing the prices of services and the programme descriptions are presented in the product-specific descriptions in the online shop. The prices include VAT. Safaris shall be subject to change due to weather conditions and the programme content may vary as well. The service provider reserves the right to change the price, duration, and programme of the safaris without prior notice.